Condom Catheter

What are Condom Catheters?

What You Need to Know About Condom Catheters What is a Condom Catheter? Condom Catheters are external catheters that are made of a rubber sheath that are put on like a normal condom. They collect urine and drain it through a tube to the collection bag strapped to the side of your leg. They’re typically used […]

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BE Informed About Bladder Exstrophy!

This past weekend, CompactCath attended the 2019 International Exstrophy Conference in Los Angeles, California.  Many of CompactCath’s customers have Bladder Exstrophy and love coming to this event to connect with the Bladder Exstrophy community through shared stories and experiences. In this article, we want to shed light on this condition and highlight how catheters are […]

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