“Things couldn’t be better with CompactCath. They make life so easy and allow me to do things like travel, camp and go places that would be difficult without it.”

Modesto, CA

“They’re so handy to use. They take so much less room, and are already lubricated so I don’t need to do or bring anything extra!”

Ridgeway, WI

“Why do I like CompactCath more than any of the others catheters I used to use? Because they’re very easy to carry in my wallet and are also very easy and simple to use. In addition, since CompactCath is pre-lubricated and is a non-touch system, it has decreased the number of UTIs I’ve gotten due to catheterizing myself.”

Maple Heights, OH

“I am pleased beyond words, with the assistance I have received with CompactCath! They take a personal approach and really do want the best for you! Give CompactCath a try. After the help I received, I would not go anywhere else!”

Eureka, IL

“Hands down, the best device and design I have used. CompactCath has nailed it as far as creating an excellent product.”

Hacienda, CT

Tired of bulky catheters?
So are we.

That’s why we designed CompactCath, the only 16″ catheter that is pre-lubricated, 100% non-touch, and fits seamlessly in your life and the palm of your hand – literally.



CompactCath is pre-lubricated with silicone oil, offering a lubricious non-sticky, non-drip coating. Less friction means less pain and discomfort during catheterization.


Our super-smooth eyelets offer pain-free catheterization, minimizing risk of developing micro-abrasions which can lead to buildup of scar tissue in the long term.


CompactCath is a 100% non-touch system. The advancer sheath and plastic case protect the catheter from being touched, increasing sterility and reducing risk of potential contamination and developing UTIs.

Drainage Control

Only CompactCath offers a unique flow control technology, allowing you to Push, Aim, then Drain – giving you complete control of when and where to void.


Getting CompactCath is Pain Free, Just Like Our Catheters.

CompactCath is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances; and available through distributors nationwide.

Call us at 1-888-933-2284 (WEE-CATH) today.



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