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CompactCath users range from age 9 to 93. Our user-friendly, compact design makes it a great choice for all.

What People Are Saying About CompactCath

“When I first started using catheters, I thought there must be a better way to catheterize. I tried lots of samples, and CompactCath is exactly what I’m looking for.”

– Justin

“I must say CompactCath is so convenient. I love how small it is. When I went out and was going to the bathroom, I had it in my hand and nobody knew what it was. It’s amazing!”

– Rachel

“This catheter is a truly amazing improvement for people like me and exponentially increases the situations where I can be confident of being able to void.”

– Michael

“I always hoped someone would invent a super small, lubricated catheter and you all did it!”

– Isabel

“Really helpful, especially for traveling. No catheter problems at all–both using them, and getting through airport security. Went through six different airports and they fit nicely in a small carry-on bag. Was not questioned or looked at one time.”

– David

“Things couldn’t be better with CompactCath. They make life so easy and allow me to do things like travel, camp, and go places that would be difficult without it.”

– Gerald

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