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The newest intermittent urinary catheter on the market

Pre-Lubricated • 100% Non-Touch • Ready to Use

Have patients who self-cath?

Our FREE CompactCath Starter Packs contain everything your patients need to trial, start, and perform self-catheterization.

We are also available to assist you and your patients at every step of the way to provide:





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FREE CompactCath Starter Packs for your patients today!

Reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances;
Available through distributors nationwide.


CompactCath is the only unisex 16″ intermittent urinary catheter that is pre-lubricated, 100% non-touch, ready to use, and fits in the palm of your hand.

Super smooth, fire-polished eyelets

100% hygienic, non-touch insertion

Pre-lubricated with silicone oil

Flow control funnel – drain when ready

Discreet disposal

Prescribing CompactCath Is Easy


Patients receive Starter Pack and try CompactCath.


Affix CompactCath Rx sticker to your distributor order form or fill out CompactCath Rx.


CompactCath provides complimentary service to coordinate patient’s insurance, billing, and delivery.


Patients receive monthly CompactCath shipments to their door.

Referring a Patient?

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CompactCath is honored to support SUNA as a Corporate-Plus member.

We are excited to partner with Urology Professionals on our continued initiative to introduce new, innovative, and cost-conscious catheter options for patients who stand to benefit from them.

We are also happy to visit your practice to introduce CompactCath to your team. To schedule your in-service, call us at 1-888-933-2284 today.

Endorsed By Healthcare Providers Nationwide

Why Patients Love CompactCath

“They’re so handy to use. They take so much less room, and are already lubricated so I don’t need to do or bring anything extra!”


Ridgeway, WI

“Why do I like CompactCath more than any of the others catheters I used to use? Because they’re very easy to carry in my wallet and are also very easy and simple to use. In addition, since CompactCath is pre-lubricated and is a non-touch system, it has decreased the number of UTIs I’ve gotten due to catheterizing myself.”


Maple Heights, OH

“Things couldn’t be better with CompactCath. They make life so easy and allow me to do things like travel, camp and go places that would be difficult without it.”


Modesto, CA

Give your patients freedom and peace of mind. Call us at 1-888-933-2284 to have FREE CompactCath Starter Packs delivered to your clinic today!