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CompactCath users range from age 9 to 93. Our user-friendly, compact design make it a great choice for all.

What People Are Saying About CompactCath

“When I first started using catheters, I thought there must be a better way to catheterize. I tried lots of samples, and CompactCath is exactly what I’m looking for.”


“I must say CompactCath is so convenient. I love how small it is. When I went out and was going to the bathroom, I had it in my hand and nobody knew what it was. It’s amazing!”


“This catheter is a truly amazing improvement for people like me and exponentially increases the situations where I can be confident of being able to void.”


“I always hoped someone would invent a super small, lubricated catheter and you all did it!”


“Really helpful, especially for traveling. No catheter problems at all–both using them, and getting through airport security. Went through six different airports and they fit nicely in a small carry-on bag. Was not questioned or looked at one time.”


“Things couldn’t be better with CompactCath. They make life so easy and allow me to do things like travel, camp, and go places that would be difficult without it.”


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