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5 Common Bladder Irritants to Avoid This Holiday Season

5 Common Bladder Irritants to Avoid This Holiday Season The holiday season is upon us! To keep both you and your bladder cheerful throughout the holidays, learn more about these 5 common bladder irritants.  1. Alcohol, caffeinated and/or carbonated drinks Wine, beer, coffee, Coca-Cola—all of your favorite drinks are unfortunately not your bladder’s favorites. Alcohol […]

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CAUTI Prevention 101

CAUTI Prevention 101 As reported by NHSN, CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infection) is the most common type of healthcare-associated infection. It is a serious issue for people who regularly practice intermittent catheterization, and for people who are administered foley catheters during their hospital stays. This article will go over the definition, prevention, and symptoms of […]

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Urethral Stricture: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Urethral Stricture: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments This article will go over the causes, symptoms, and treatments of urethral stricture.  Urethral stricture is the narrowing of the urethra. It can be caused by the build-up of scar tissues post urethral trauma. The scar tissue obstructs the pathway through which urine exits the body, which can lead to urinary […]

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Intermittent Catheter Pain: Causes and Preventions

Intermittent Catheter Pain: Causes and Preventions Intermittent catheters, while life-saving, can cause pain, irritation, and discomfort for the user. This article goes over the two most common types of pain associated with catheter usage— urethral pain and bladder spasms—as well as what caused them and how to prevent them.  Urethral pain  The urethra refers to […]

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