CompactCath Referral Program is On NOW!

referral program

What is a referral program?

CompactCath Referral Program is a members-get-members program that both you (referer) and your friend (referred) can earn 30$ USD coupons after your friend has become one of CompactCath’s memeber!

How to I refer CompactCath to my friend?

It’s Easy! See the below outline!

1. Login to your account from CompactCath 

log in page

2. Click on the button “CC member “on the bottom right corner

hover to CC member

3. Scroll down the menu bar and you will see your referral URL

scroll down the menu bar

4. Send your referral code to your friend through Facebook, twitter or Email. (Or you can simply copy the link and send it to your friend!)

send it to your friend to complete referral program

4. After your friend has registered as a member of CompactCath, both of you can earn a $30 USD coupon!