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Pocket Catheters: What They Are and Where to Get Them

Pocket catheters are simply catheters that can fit in your pocket, and they usually refer to intermittent catheters. Pocket catheters serve the exact same purpose as regular catheters. The only difference is they are compact enough to fit into a pocket and thus bring a lot of privacy and convenience to the user.

pocket catheter
CompactCath Classic

What are the benefits of pocket catheters?

  • Freedom and control

People who regularly use pocket catheters often report a greater sense of freedom and control. Not having to plan their days around their catheter usage makes them feel like they can achieve more and have greater control of their lives. 

  • Privacy

Having discreet catheters gives users a greater sense of privacy. Not having to put a lot of mental energy into worrying about hiding catheters can also relieve anxiety.

  • Active lifestyle

For people who like to hike, camp, travel or stay active in general, they can find it inconvenient to carry around bulky catheters. Pocket catheters can allow them to live actively with the least hindrance.

pocket catheter, compact catheter
CompactCath Lite shown next to iPhone

free catheter samples

Pocket catheters for men and women

Traditional male catheters are 16-inch in length and packaged in clear plastic so it’s bulky and highly recognizable.

Women’s catheters are usually 5-6 inches long because women have shorter urethras, and many of them already fit into pockets. However, many women find that the regular female catheter is not long enough for them, or they find it hard to insert the catheter without guiding the tube with their hands even though they are not supposed to. Touching the tube contaminates the catheter and greatly increases the risk of a catheter-associated UTI. 

CompactCath produces catheters that are unisex. How it works is, the 16-inch catheter tube is wound around a wheel, and both male and female users can unwind as much catheter tubing as they need out of the wheel. Because the catheter length is adjustable, both men and women can use CompactCath.

urinary catheters, pocket catheter, compact catheter
Pulling out the catheter tube


CompactCath’s catheters (Classic and Lite) are also light, mess-free, and extremely compact. They are great to carry into the workplace, to a bar, on a trip, and to exercise. They are pre-lubricated with anti-bacterial silicone oil, and many customers have reported having much fewer UTIs or no UTIs since using CompactCath.

Here are some testimonials from CompactCath’s happy users:

“It also fits discreetly in my pocket and allowed me to resume my normal activities outside the home, greatly improving my quality of life.”—Edward H. (public review posted on

“There is so much you can do once you figure out how to get your life back.”—Bridget Earl, 34 (watch more of her story in the video below)

“They are great for travel and so easy to use. I have them in my car and truck. When I fly they are so convenient to use.”—Harold Nolan (public review posted on

“This catheter is a truly amazing improvement for people like me and exponentially increases the situations where I can be confident of being able to void.”—Michael, 62

free catheter samples

CompactCath was FDA-cleared in 2014. The invention holds six patents, was covered by CNN Money, won two grants (BioDesign Spectrum grant, LPCH Pediatric Innovation grant) and two iF product design awards (2016, 2017).

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