CAUTI Prevention 101

CAUTI Prevention 101 As reported by NHSN, CAUTI (catheter-associated urinary tract infection) is the most common type of healthcare-associated infection. It is a serious issue for people who regularly practice intermittent catheterization, and for people who are administered foley catheters during their hospital stays. This article will go over the definition, prevention, and symptoms of […]

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7 Ways To Prevent CAUTIs When Traveling

7 Ways to Prevent CAUTIs While Traveling Traveling can be stressful for those who regularly self-catheterize. What if you can’t find bathrooms and hand-washing stations? What if you get a CAUTI (catheter-associated UTI) on the road and can’t access medical care quickly? This article talks about 7 ways to prevent CAUTI while traveling for people who use […]

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