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5 Tips to Drink More Water

5 Tips to Drink More Water When self-catheterizing, it is crucial to stay adequately hydrated for optimal body functioning and lower rates of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Doctors recommend two to three liters of water a day, though most people drink much less.  We understand that drinking enough water can be hard to remember, which […]

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Sex with UTI: Yes or No?

Sex with UTI: Yes or No? Can you have sex with a UTI? The short answer? No. The long answer? Yes and no, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. Are you willing to risk getting a second UTI while you’re still combatting the first one? Or are you willing to risk […]

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7 Ways To Prevent CAUTIs When Traveling

7 Ways to Prevent CAUTIs While Traveling Traveling can be stressful for those who regularly self-catheterize. What if you can’t find bathrooms and hand-washing stations? What if you get a CAUTI (catheter-associated UTI) on the road and can’t access medical care quickly? This article talks about 7 ways to prevent CAUTI while traveling for people who use […]

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