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Why should I learn to catheterize in a public restroom?

The main reason to use a catheter is to empty urine from the bladder when the bladder cannot empty on its own. Sometimes this is due to an enlarged prostate that blocks the flow. In other cases, there is a nerve-muscle disconnect in the bladder (neurogenic bladder) that prevents the nerve from triggering a muscle contraction. 

Urinary catheterization when you are on the road can be a bit of a challenge. With good preparation and practice at home, there should be no issues. You never know when you might need to catheterize yourself when away from home. There would be nothing worse than really having to urinate and not being able to do it because you didn’t have your supplies.

Furthermore, keeping your bladder full for prolonged periods can lead to infections that can travel to your kidneys. While bladder infections are straightforward to treat, kidney infections can be dangerous and lead to sepsis which is bacteria in your bloodstream.

What supplies should I carry with me?

You should carry all the supplies that you use at home but be especially sure to carry a sterile surface to place your supplies on while in the bathroom stall. If you use gloves at home, then take those along with a couple of catheters–in case one gets dropped or soiled. You can carry individually wrapped cleansing wipes to clean the area around the urethra. A toiletry bag packed with all of your supplies would be optimal and if it has a hook, it can be hung on the back of the door of the stall. Carry plenty of tissues for touching unsterile surfaces.

Proper hygiene when catheterizing in a public restroom

Always wash your hands with warm soapy water and use the hot air dryer if possible. Use your elbow to push open the stall door and latch the door with tissues covering the latch. Get ready to use the catheter by first opening one end of the packet making sure it does not touch surrounding unsterile surfaces. Then open you cleansing wipes, put on your gloves, and then clean the area around the urethra with two wipes. Grasp the catheter at the end that does not get inserted and proceed as you do normally.

Worried about being discreet?

If you want to be super discreet, put all of your supplies in the stall in advance before washing your hands. When finished, put the catheter back in its wrapping with all the other disposable items and place in a trash receptacle.

CompactCath offers discrete, compact, intermittent catheters! 

They come pre-lubricated which is so important when you are on the go. So you don’t need any extra supplies! Compared to others on the market, our coiled feature keeps the catheter small and out-of-sight and is kink-free as you straighten it out. The funnel at the end allows for minimal spillage when discarding in the toilet.

free catheter samples

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