Say Goodbye to Bulky Catheters

CompactCath is the only 16″ catheter that is pre-lubricated, non-touch, and fits in the palm of your hand – literally.


The CompactCath Advantage

Designed for your everyday needs, CompactCath offers easy, discreet, and 100% ready-to-use
catheterization at your fingertips – providing maximum privacy, hygiene, and ease of use.


As the catheter is pulled out, the pre-lubricated sheath slides along the catheter, lubricating the catheter surface with silicon oil for smoother and more comfortable insertion.


The plastic case and sheath work together to provide non-touch insertion, maximizing hygiene and control while minimizing any risk of infection. Polished eyelets are also in place for more comfortable insertion and withdrawal.


With CompactCath’s unique funnel mechanism, you have complete control of drainage, reducing the risk of spillage. When ready, release the funnel to aim and drain.


When done, coil the catheter back into the case by dialing it clockwise direction. Insert it back into the pouch and dispose of it hygienically.

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