1. Advancer Handle
  2. Hygiene Sheath
  3. Tip / Fire-Polished Eyelets
  4. Drainage Funnel
  5. Catheter
  6. Case
  7. Retraction Dial

Pull, Press, Push

1. Pull

Pull the case back using your dominant hand to extend the catheter by about 1-2 inches.

2. Press

Press down on the handle using your index finger. This acts as a brake and gives you more control during insertion.

3. Push

Release your grip of the sheath slightly and push the case forward to insert more of the catheter.

Have additional questions or need more support?

Call our toll-free Patient Support Hotline at 1-888-933-2284 to speak with a Patient Care Specialist.


If you experience that CompactCath does not drain your bladder the way you are used to, please contact a physician/nurse. In case of Urinary Tract Infection with symptoms such as fever, discomfort when emptying the bladder, a frequent urge to urinate or blood in the urine, contact your physician/nurse.

If the pouch of the catheter is not sealed, or if the catheter is otherwise damaged, do not use the catheter. Store product at room temperature. However, exposure to extreme temperatures (below 0 or above 60c) for up to 24 hours will not damage the catheter.

Federal law restricts this device to be sold by or on the order of a physician. CompactCath is for single use only, and must then be discarded. CompactCath accepts no liability for injury or loss resulting from use of this product in any manner if the catheter is not used entirely in accordance with the company’s recommendations.

Self-catheterization is a safe and common procedure. However, It is important that prior to using CompactCath you would consult a medical professional for guidance and that you follow these instructions carefully. Self-catheterizing using CompactCath should only be done on the order of a physician/nurse.