Catheter French Scale

Urinary Catheter Types and Sizes

Urinary Catheter Types and Sizes There are three main types of urinary catheters—intermittent catheters, indwelling catheters, and external catheters. A urinary catheter’s size is determined by the girth of the catheter, which is measured on the french scale.  This article will help you understand the different types of catheters and figure out what your catheter […]

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The History of the Urinary Catheter

The History of the Urinary Catheter Since the late 20th century, the word “catheter” has taken the world by storm. It revolutionized the way people suffering from a plethora of conditions have lived their lives and established itself as a multi-billion dollar industry. Because of this industry’s recent ascension to the international market, many think […]

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straight vs coude catheter

Straight vs Coudé Catheters

Straight and Coudé Catheters One step in finding the right catheter for you is deciding between straight and coudé catheters. Depending on your body, one may work better for you than the other. It’s important to note that the tip is the only difference between the two, which is either straight or curved (coudé) on […]

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Introducing CompactCath LITE

CompactCath Continues to Expand Product Portfolio With New Discreet And More Hygienic Intermittent Catheters Products welcome added relief for everyday self-catheterizing users SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 20th, 2019 (PRESS RELEASE) — CompactCath (, a medical device company committed to improving the quality of life for people with bladder conditions, has today announced the expansion of […]

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Top 5 Healthy Self-Catheterization Tips

Top 5 Healthy Self-Catheterization Tips Clean self intermittent catheterization is regularly practiced by people with urinary retention, neurogenic bladder, or have undergone urinary diversion surgeries.  Although intermittent catheters give people with bladder dysfunctions greater mobility and independence, it is still associated with complications such as CAUTI (catheter-associated UTI), hematuria, and urethral stricture.  To help you […]

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